Our Mission

Propagation Front is not just a platform. It is not just a marketplace or middleman. Propagation Front is, above all else, a partnership. We are devoted to working with and for artists, and without them, there would be no us. In a world full of uncredited sharing, free streaming, and social media white noise, artists are finding it more and more difficult to survive doing what they love and enriching our lives. This should not be the case. We at Propagation Front are fully and uncompromisingly dedicated to making sure artists can support themselves through their hard work and get the compensation they deserve. Our 50% cut is not just a promise, it’s our principle. We work one-on-one with artists to produce the highest quality apparel and merchandise so that they can share with the world a product of which they can be proud. If the artist doesn’t like it, we don’t sell it. We also realize that the consumer is absolutely essential in this equation. We want to give our customers their new favorite merchandise – something that they can display comfortably and brag about to their friends. Therefore, we ensure that each and every product we distribute is fairly priced and of the highest quality because, after all, the audience is just as crucial as the artist. As we expand, we promise that the principles of partnership, equity, and quality outlined in this mission statement will be carried over in every form and into whatever territory Propagation Front enters next. We promise to every artist and art-lover alike that when they use our service, they’ll get nothing but the best.

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